The KubeTM advanced filtration system is easily installed directly under your sink!

Are you tired of waiting for the filter jug to fill up, and would like to have access to filtered water at all times? Kinetico’s KubeTM advanced filtration system has been designed with you in mind. This device installs in a few easy steps under most sinks and washbasins, so you can get filtered water from your tap. It improves the quality, taste and odour of drinking water while maintaining a sufficiently high flow rate.

Improved quality

Quick and easy connection

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Installation of the KubeTM advanced filtration system takes just 15 minutes or less, thanks to an ergonomic device that mounts directly under your sink or basin.

Significant reduction in contaminants

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The KubeTM device is certified to remove more contaminants, including lead1, mercury1 and chlorine2, than any other pitcher or tap-mounted filter system.

1 NSF Standard 53
2 NSF Standard 42

Compact size

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The KubeTM filtration system installs directly under any sink, allowing filtered water to flow from your existing faucet.

Efficient operation


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The cost of the KubeTM advanced filtration system is estimated at one cent per liter, making it a very cost-effective option for all your water supply needs.

Filter life indicator

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It clearly indicates the remaining life of your filter and alerts you when a change is required.

Quick and easy cartridge change

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KubeTM filters feature a twist-lock mechanism for quick replacement.

Water analysis

Find out what’s lurking in your water with our online diagnostic tool.

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