Chloramine reduction system

Is the chloramine level in your water too high? We have the solution for you!

A growing number of water treatment plants use chloramine instead of chlorine to disinfect water. However, like chlorine, this compound gives water an unpleasant taste and smell, and can even make it more corrosive. If you currently have a dechlorination system, it will not effectively remove chloramine from your water. Fortunately, Kinetico offers ChlorobanTM filter media, the only WQA-certified chloramine reduction system on the market.


Single tank system
icon - singletank

Kinetico’s chloramine reduction system, usually installed in combination with one of our water softeners, features a single filtration tank for chloramine removal.

Exclusive filter material
icon - media Sulfaban

Thanks to Kinetico’s exclusive ChlorabanTM filter material, this system allows you to enjoy pure, chloramine-free water throughout your home.

Water analysis

Find out what’s lurking in your water with our online diagnostic tool.

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