Macrolite backwash filter

The Macrolite backwash filter removes oxidized matter, such as iron, and sediment that can impair water quality.

This 5-micron ceramic water filter significantly reduces water turbidity (cloudiness), as well as reducing certain forms of iron, sediment and particles to significant levels. The Macrolite backwash filter is a dual-tank system developed in collaboration with 3M.


Electricity-free operation
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Our non-electric, automatic systems measure water consumption with the precision of a watch and clean themselves only when needed, without you having to intervene, which means less wasted water and lower electricity bills.

Double tank
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The double reservoir maintains a higher flow rate for large families and spacious homes, while Kinetico’s non-electric control valve engages backwashing on demand.

Water analysis

Find out what’s lurking in your water with our online diagnostic tool.

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