PRO reverse osmosis membrane system

The PRO membrane purification system: the solution to even the most complex problems!

Did you know that reverse osmosis is a high-performance filtration solution? Based on this same principle, Puribec created the Atmospher series PRO membrane purification system, a device that rejects contaminants and impurities responsible for undesirable odors, tastes and hues in tap water. It is fitted with a filter that retains chlorine and pesticides, and a membrane that filters out nitrates, limescale, lead and many other contaminants.


Absolute purity

girl drinking water

Thanks to this revolutionary system, the treated water is completely odorless. At last, you’ll be able to enjoy long showers without the hassle of smelly, mineral-laden water. You’ll also have the freedom to drink from your own tap, so you can enjoy pure, refreshing water at all times. Even your pets will feel the Puribec difference.

Soft to the touch

skin softness

Chlorine- and lime-free water gives your skin a silky-smooth finish. Your hair will never have looked so good thanks to the soft water distributed by your shower head. Finally, your clothes will regain their original texture and shine.

Brilliant clarity

Dog near a dishwasher

Thanks to the PRO purification system, you’ll enjoy crystal-clear, colorless water. The difference will be so obvious that it will be visible even to the naked eye. Water treated with this device will prevent the appearance of stains on your clothes during washing, as well as white deposits on your household appliances.

Substantial savings

Tidy kitchen

With such pure water, less laundry soap is required to produce clean, white laundry. What’s more, you’ll no longer need to stock up on bottled water – a benefit not only for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Water analysis

Find out what’s lurking in your water with our online diagnostic tool.

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