MACguard filter

The MACguardTM activated carbon filter purifies your water by treating chlorine and other common contaminants.

If your primary objective is to reduce the amount of chlorine in your water, or to improve taste and odour, the MACguardTM carbon filter is an excellent option. Installed directly under your sink, it gives you carbon-filtered water right from the tap, and reduces your consumption of plastic bottles. Simplify your life and save money, while enjoying top-quality drinking water. The MACguardTM water filter is NSF/ANSINo. 53 certified, which means it eliminates lead, among other things.

Filter life indicator
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The PureMometerTM device indicates the remaining life of your 1,893-litre (500-gallon) filter. When it needs changing, the system signals this by reducing the flow of water from the tap. A carbon filter that isn’t replaced can release a lot of whatever it has accumulated, and this device lets you drink safely without worrying about when to replace it.

Compact size
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The MACguardTM filter won’t clutter your countertop, fridge or sink surface. It also includes a lead-free tap for dispensing refreshing filtered water.

Quick and easy cartridge change
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The rotary-lock mechanism on the filters means they can be replaced in no time.

Water analysis

Find out what’s lurking in your water with our online diagnostic tool.

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