Scaling reduction system

Kinetico’s Scaling Reduction System (SRS) is the solution for eliminating calcium carbonate deposits.

Are your plumbing fixtures, appliances and fittings covered in limescale? Thanks to a revolutionary scale-reduction system, Kinetico allows you to solve the problem without the use of salt or chemicals. As compact as it is effective, the SRS is a tried-and-tested device that prevents minerals from solidifying, thus stemming the build-up of stubborn limescale.

A salt-free softener, a simple solution to reduce scaling

Protection against limescale
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This system prevents the formation of calcium carbonate deposits that impair the performance of your household appliances, sanitary equipment and plumbing fixtures, thus slowing down their premature deterioration and reducing your electricity bills.

Environmental benefits
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Since they require no salt or chemicals, and avoid wasting water, our systems are a highly energy-efficient option.

Water analysis

Find out what’s lurking in your water with our online diagnostic tool.

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