Powerline PRO range filters

The Powerline PRO range: effective filtration systems against rust… and odours!

Kinetico’s Powerline PRO range offers single-tank filtration systems that remove iron and sulfur from your drinking water, without the need for costly regenerating agents. Protect your appliances, clothing and plumbing fixtures from rust stains, and eliminate the rotten egg smell caused by iron and hydrogen sulfur gas in your drinking water.


State-of-the-art technology
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The filters in the Powerline PRO range feature a control valve that can be fully programmed using handheld devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, operating via a Bluetooth® connection.

Customizable filters
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For optimum flexibility, two tank sizes and three filter media choices are available.

Unique features
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The filters in the Powerline PRO range offer exclusive features such as external air injectors, programmable suction and backwash cycles.

Single tank system
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Highly efficient and cost-effective, filters from the Powerline PRO range are the ideal option for effective iron and sulfur removal.

Water analysis

Find out what’s lurking in your water with our online diagnostic tool.

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