9 ways to save water at home… and elsewhere!


Kitchen, bathroom, yard… we’ve discussed ways to save water in many areas of your life. But why stop there? Here are some other ways you can reduce the amount of blue gold wasted in your home!

  • Install water-saving modules wherever possible
  • Hunt for leaks! Whether visible or not, a leak from a single tap can waste between 140 and 680 liters of water per day.
  • Choose “High Efficiency” appliances
  • Adjust the water level in your washing machine according to the amount of laundry you put in. If your machine does not allow such a setting, only make large batches.
  • Remember to reuse aquarium water to water plants. Fish emulsion is rich in nitrogen and phosphorus. It makes an excellent, inexpensive fertilizer!
  • Insulate your hot water pipes; you’ll waste less water before reaching the desired temperature.
  • Use recycled paper. It reduces water pollution from papermaking by 35%.
  • Dispose of batteries, leftover paint and other chemicals at special household hazardous waste collection sites in your area.
  • Reduce your electricity consumption. Did you know that every day, Canadians need more than 60 million cubic metres of water to meet their electricity needs?

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