8 benefits of fresh water

Extend the life of your clothes by keeping them soft and supple
  • Your clothes will keep their original colors. Clothes and household linen last around 15% longer than linen used without water softener. Enjoy linen that shines like new.
Reduce the time you spend on housework
  • The average person in the home spends more than 6 hours a month removing stains and limescale deposits. With the Kinetico softener, say “STOP”. Forget the effort and time spent removing stains from your tiles, windows, taps and shower cubicles. Restore the shine of your home’s surfaces.
Save on the detergents, descalers and soaps you use every day to clean your home
  • Because your water doesn’t work AGAINST you during cleaning, you need far fewer products, which means substantial savings. It’s good for the environment and good for your wallet.
Give your family a greener environment
  • Speaking of the environment… Kinetico softeners are the most environmentally friendly on the market. Thanks to their innovative design, they consume little salt and water, and no energy. Give your home a greener environment: Reduce your detergents, soap, shampoo and descaler use by over 30%. Reduce chemical waste and eliminate excess energy consumption by your household appliances and hot water production systems.
Rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself every day
  • Because of the hard water, only part of the soap is active, the rest clumps together and deposits on skin and hair, causing redness, itching, dryness and dull, dry hair. Softened water avoids these formations and improves rinsing.
Restore silky hair and soft skin
  • Shinier, silkier hair, moisturized, softer, more radiant skin: a feeling of softness every day, day after day. Kinetico softeners provide soft water that completely rinses soap, shower gel and bubble bath from your skin.
Forget dry skin problems and reduce the risk of eczema/psoriasis
  • Kinetico softeners respect the skin’s natural PH and can have a positive effect on dry skin and skin suffering from eczema or psoriasis.
Extend and optimize the life of your electrical equipment and household appliances
  • Studies confirm that 1.6 mm of scale results in a 12% loss of efficiency and 15% higher energy consumption. Extend the life of your household appliances with a Kinetico softener. Avoid limescale deposits and excessive energy consumption in your home.

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