6 water-saving tips for the kitchen


A few weeks ago, we talked about saving water in the bathroom. Of course, water is used everywhere in the home, and after the bathroom, the kitchen is undoubtedly the place in your home where a few money-saving tricks can have the biggest impact!

In the kitchen

  • Use your dishwasher (or washing machine) to its full potential. Avoiding vacuum washes will eliminate substantial wastage.
  • Use water trays for hand dishwashing. One tub of soapy water and one of clear water for rinsing, and you’re done. Of course, we recover the wash and rinse water!
  • Brush your vegetables over a container of rinse water instead of running water for nothing.
  • Put your food in the fridge or microwave to defrost instead of running water over it. If you’re pressed for time and need to use hot water, be sure to collect it in a basin.
  • Take advantage of your brown bin to compost uneaten food instead of shredding it. This appliance consumes a lot of water, making it a mega-waster. Plus, your garden will thank you with delicious vegetables for this homemade fertilizer!
  • Recover the water used in your chores for…

What to do with your reclaimed water

Recovered water is not wasted, and depending on its first use, it can be put to many uses in a second life… for example :

  • Soapy dishwater
    • Washing garden furniture
    • Watering flower boxes and flower beds
    • Car wash
  • Vegetable cleaning water
    • Weedkiller for paved driveway (boiling)
  • Vegetable cooking water
    • Garden watering (cooled)
    • Watering house plants (cooled)

If you plan to use your reclaimed water to water the garden, be sure to use organic detergents that are not harmful to your crop or to those who will eat it!

What are your favourite water-saving or water-recovery tips?


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