10 tips for drinking your 8 glasses of water a day


A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of staying well hydrated, and then about the effects of the first glass of water of the day on the body. We hear it all the time in newspapers, magazines and elsewhere: it’s good for your health to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day – that’s about 8 8-ounce glasses. In theory, it’s very easy… but in practice, we may lack the time, memory or imagination to incorporate our 8 glasses of water into our daily routine. Fortunately, there are a few easy tricks to help us acquire and maintain this healthy habit!

Preparation, preparation, preparation!

  1. Before going to bed each evening, drink your first glass of water in the morning. You can also fill a few bottles of water and put them in the fridge to drink during the day;
  2. Take advantage of all your daily routines to incorporate a glass of water (toothbrushing, beauty routine, before each meal, daily walk, etc.);
  3. Get equipped! Treat your water consumption like a sport, and treat yourself to a bottle (or several!) or glass that you like, and that you’ll keep on hand at home, at work and during your activities, to remind you to drink;

Treat yourself to quality!

  1. Filter your water. Does the taste of chlorine or suspended solids (TDS/MSD) bother you and spoil the pleasure of a refreshing glass of water? A simple filter can make all the difference to taste while removing impurities;

Treat yourself to variety!

  1. And if it’s the lack of taste in the water that’s holding you back in your quest for hydration, add chopped fruit or vegetables to your water to create your perfect blend of flavors. Citrus fruits, melons, cucumbers, berries, teas and aromatic herbs… enough to make your water both healthy and festive, but beware of adding sugars or caffeine;
  2. If you can’t live without juice, gradual dilution could help you reach your water consumption goals while reducing your intake of sugar and empty calories;

Enjoy the season!

  1. Nature offers you many seasonal fruits and vegetables that are bursting with water: cucumbers, watermelon, citrus fruits… bite into them, add them to your water or make homemade ice lollies;

For techo fans

  1. Indulge your passion for tech gadgets with an app that keeps you on track for your daily goal by calculating your consumption and offering pre-programmed reminders to avoid forgetfulness!
    1. Waterlogged or Daily Water on Apple devices
    2. Water consumption reminder or Hydro Coach on Android
  2. Take it a step further and get a smart bottle that records every drop and sends the information directly to your phone.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t wait until you feel thirsty! It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s important to drink regularly, even if you’re not thirsty. By the time you feel it, it’s too late and your body is already suffering from dehydration.

So why wait? Go ahead and pour yourself a big glass of water!


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