Adoucisseur d'eau q850 3quarer Gamme Premier XP de Kinetico

XP softener range

Dual tank systems
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XP range softeners feature dual tanks for continuous softening, even during regeneration periods. Whether your home is full of guests or showers and laundry are on the increase, you’ll never run out of fresh water!

Regeneration on request
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Our regeneration system starts its cleaning cycle when needed, whereas hourly systems elsewhere on the market can start a cycle too early or too late.

High flow rate
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Ideal for households with larger water supplies and plumbing, the Premier XP range delivers high flow rates without compromising water softness.

Precision and efficiency

Electricity-free operation
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Powered by the kinetic energy of water, Premier XP softeners offer a practical, cost-effective residential solution to your hard water and iron problems.

Optimum efficiency with AccuDialTM
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This patent-pending device makes it possible to precisely calibrate the models in the Premier XP range, so you can benefit from an optimally efficient system tailored to the specific needs of your home, at a more than affordable cost. It also reduces salt consumption.

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