Adoucisseur d'eau q850 3quarer marque Kinetico

Superior design

Double tank

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Kinetico’s Signature Range softeners are based on our famous non-electric dual-tank softeners that have been solving water problems for millions of people around the world for decades.

Non-electrical operation

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Powered by the kinetic energy of moving water instead of electricity, Signature Range softeners are reliable when it comes to treating your hard and ferrous water problems without creating new ones, as well as being economical and easily adaptable to the space available in your home.

Adoucisseur d'eau 935 marque Kinetico

Reliable and hassle-free

Service on request

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You can always rely on one of the tanks while the other is being cleaned or waiting for its next service cycle. Day and night, you’ll always have access to fresh water, even if your home is full of guests, showers and laundry, you’ll never run out.

Freshwater countercurrent regeneration

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Signature Range softeners regenerate with softened water. As a result, your system runs more efficiently and will perform longer.


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