Commercial water softener system, CP range

Kinetico’s CP range of water softeners are designed for commercial applications.

Used to supply soft water to boilers, water heaters, car washes and reverse osmosis systems, CP range softeners are the fruit of over 50 years’ experience in water treatment.

These double-reservoir systems require no downtime during regeneration, a feature that has greatly contributed to the solid reputation we enjoy today. This means you’ll always have plenty of top-quality fresh water at your disposal.

The non-electric, on-demand valve relies on actual water consumption rather than a timer or computer to regenerate the resin. This saves you money by using less salt and discharging less wastewater. Our freshwater-driven countercurrent regeneration process preserves the integrity of the softener resin for a longer period, reducing downtime for maintenance.

Electricity-free operation

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Water softeners in the CP range operate on the kinetic energy of water, making them even more reliable. What’s more, there are no timers or computers to configure, adjust, repair or replace.

Regeneration measured by meter

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This feature avoids uncertainties and activates regeneration according to actual water consumption, minimizing salt consumption and optimizing water treatment efficiency.

Dual tank system

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CP range softeners provide a continuous, uninterrupted source of soft water, even during regeneration.

Counter-current regeneration

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This regeneration method is recognized as the most effective. The result is optimum efficiency and substantial savings in water and salt consumption, while eliminating hardness peaks.

Optimum efficiency in terms of water and salt consumption

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Low water consumption. Less money spent on salt.

Corrosion-resistant valves and tanks

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These durable components are made from corrosion-resistant materials to withstand the toughest conditions.

CP range commercial water filtration system

Kinetico’s renowned non-electric valve controls two large reservoirs of filter media and provides a continuous supply to your commercial kitchen equipment, reverse osmosis system or any other appliance requiring high-flow filtered water. CP Series filters, with a capacity of 75.7 liters (20 gallons) per minute, are suitable for most medium-sized commercial applications.

Non-electric valve

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The system’s hydraulic mode of operation increases its service life, since no motor is required.

Single or multi-tank systems

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The various possible configurations help to limit space requirements and avoid wasting resources.

Dual tank system

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CP range filtration systems provide a continuous, uninterrupted source of fresh water, even during regeneration.

Carbon filter media

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Carbon effectively eliminates chlorine and unpleasant odors.

Calcite filter media

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Calcite neutralizes the PH of your water, making it the best it can be.

Macrolite filter media

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This filter removes particles as small as 5 microns, including iron, manganese, arsenic and other contaminants.


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