What is EDI?

Electrodeionization is a purification technique in which electric current, selective ion exchange membranes and resin are used to demineralize water and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from the water. This method differs from other processes in that it requires no chemicals to regenerate. It is used exclusively for polishing water that has already been demineralized by reverse osmosis or nanofiltration.

Technologies d'adoucisseur d'eau de Gammes WAV-eDI et WAV-eOI

WAV-eDI and WAV-eOI ranges

The WAV-eDI and WAV-eOI ranges are based on the EDI principle, a technology that enables ion exchange without the use of chemicals. This treatment “polishes” the water previously demineralized by the reverse osmosis and nanofiltration processes. The basic models can be upgraded with a host of optional features.

These products are designed to handle flows from 10 to 100 L/h, using a single module. Higher flow rates can easily be handled by adding additional modules, connected in parallel. This ensures even flow distribution to the various modules.

WAV-eDI range devices can be added to existing systems that already include a pre-treatment unit and a reverse osmosis (or nanofilter) unit.

The WAV-eDI range also offers a variety of integrated products, including the WAV-eOI line, which consists of an EDI module grafted (and assembled) to an osmosis plant, providing a turnkey solution for optimal water demineralization.

WAV-eDI and WAV-eOI products can be assembled on complete chassis, including pre-treatment (softener and dechlorinator), distribution and sterilization (UV and microfiltration). Chassis are built to customer specifications.

All models are fully modular, allowing you to program a control system tailored to the needs of each application.

Our products are designed for the following applications:

Hospital and institutional

  • Research Center
  • Analysis laboratories
  • Teaching laboratories
  • Research laboratories
  • URDM



  • Semiconductor & Microelectronics
  • Specialized industrial process
  • Surface treatment

Atmospher series

Commercial and industrial product range

Water purification systems offering cost-effective solutions for your specific treated water applications

We offer a wide range of water treatment products for your different projects in the commercial or industrial sector, as well as high-tech water filtration. Whether your project is large or small, or requires customized industrial applications, Puribec has been tackling water treatment problems with an intelligent approach for over 44 years. Our team of designers, installers, technicians and water treatment engineers offers you recognized expertise for your commercial treatments. The Atmospher series offers performance tailored to your specific needs, whatever your application.

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