Water filtration and softening systems

Puribec Technologies offers one of the most complete and efficient fleets of equipment on the market today. From patented filtration media offering unrivalled performance (Macrolite®), to a softening resin with high ion exchange capacity and activated carbon specific to special applications, anything is possible.

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Dosage and disinfection

Puribec Technologies offers and uses a wide selection of chemical feed products and accessories for your dosing and injection applications. We have the expertise and resources to meet your needs for analysis and management control of chemical injection for chlorine, acid, base, coagulant and antiscalant dosing. Our design and engineering team works with you to develop the best solution.

Membrane filtration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration

The Serie Atmospher range of filtration equipment includes commercial, industrial and residential reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems. The products are membrane filtration technologies for a wide range of projects and applications, from small flows to daily productions of up to 163 cubic meters per day. All systems use the PureRince process, which extends the life of your membranes.

Electrodeionization, ultra-pure water

The Wave-eDI product line offers EDI tehcnology, a chemical-free ion exchange process used to “polish” water already demineralized by reverse osmosis and/or nanofiltration processes.

How does EDI (an acronym for electrodeionization) work?

Electrodeionization is a water purification technology that uses electricity, selective ion exchange membranes and resin to demineralize water and separate dissolved ions (impurities) from water. It differs from other methods in that it does not use chemicals to regenerate itself. The technology is used exclusively for polishing (high-purity water) water that has already been pre-demineralized (via osmosis or nanofiltration).

Containerized water treatment plant

Puribec Technologies designs and manufactures complete processing lines installed in one or more containers. All equipment is pre-assembled inside the container, including pumping station, treatment, management, alarms and on-line monitoring.

Equipment is factory-assembled and shipped to site, then installed in a fixed or mobile location.
We offer both turnkey and customized solutions.

Our team of specialists is able to design treatment solutions tailored to each individual case. Our product range enables us to treat virtually any type of water for any type of application, in compliance with local standards, regulations and legislation.

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