A treated water system for quality ice cream!


Earlier this week, we shared information about our sales team on our social networks. Among other things, we told you that Puribec and its sales team had projects in many parts of the world, but close to home too!

This is the case at the Intact Insurance Ice Centre in Quebec City, where several athletes train in speed skating, and where Puribec installed a reverse osmosis water treatment system some time ago.

Today, we’re going to tell you a little more about the benefits of a treated water system for better ice quality, with the help of a seasoned skier.

Gabrielle Jelonek in training

Gabrielle Jelonek, 22, is one of the speed skaters on the “Next Gen” national team training at the Quebec City ice center.

We had a chance to talk to her about how ice works and what difference it can make if the ice is not treated with pure water;

Firstly, Gabrielle, tell us how important ice quality is in your sport?

The importance of ice quality is fundamental for speed skaters. The better the water quality, the better the performance of the blade in contact with the ice. The skaters’ times will therefore be faster. The quality of the water also influences the equipment, especially when it comes to sharpening the blades. They cut much longer than on ice with poorer water quality, so we sharpen them less often.

Quebec City’s intact insurance ice center

So, what about the ice at the Intact Insurance Ice Centre?

The quality of the ice at the Intact Insurance Ice Centre is very good, since it glides a lot. The Centre de glaces is hosting international competitions this year, including the Quatres Continents and the World Masters Championship, so we’ll be able to see the perfect combination of sliding quality and athlete power.

Gabrielle Jelonek skating on the ice at the Intact Insurance Ice Centre

Above all, what’s important to remember, whatever the sport, is that ice made from osmosis water is far more pleasant and optimal in many ways.

Firstly, it’s more transparent, so partner images and logos painted beneath its surface are of better quality. This often gives marketing teams a better chance to promote advertising in their centers.

Secondly, any ice sports enthusiast, whether a field hockey fan, figure skater, curler or, like Gabrielle, speed skater, can see the difference pure water makes in ice-making.

It is also more resistant, “harder” and more pleasant to skate on. Ice made with purified water is very popular with professionals.
What’s more, as we rid it of impurities, water requires much less energy to crystallize into ice. Simply put, with a reverse osmosis system, water freezes faster!

As a result, investing in a water system is not only a great way to save on a center’s energy bill, it’s also the best way to ensure top-quality ice for athletes.

photo credits ;
– Gabrielle Jelonek
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