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Water is involved in every step and every area of the agrifood industry. For animal production, truck farming, or the refinement of local or gourmet products, water quality can be a key success factor or the root of endless problems.

Cheese makers, slaughterhouses, industrial kitchens, processing kitchens, animal breeders… Puribec has been working with the agricultural and culinary sectors for over 30 years and is not afraid to pull up our sleeves to help you achieve your goals. Do you want to re-create a specific recipe the way it is cooked and served in a particular spot in the world?  Do you want to brew coffee with the rich flavour of the Columbian mountains where it is grown? Do you want to use your honey to cook up unique and innovative products? Do you love your animals and want to give them sound health and optimum production? We can help!

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