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Manufacturing Division

When the application requires it, Puribec innovates to go beyond regular, run-of-the-mill solutions. From design to delivery, we create our own treatment solutions, painstakingly assembled by our machining personnel and shipped to you to treat your water to your specifications. Over the years we have designed and produced mini-plants set up in containers or on open structures that have been shipped to applications in northern Canada   and around the world.

For instance, ur Sirius and Altum units form the Atmospher Series - created, assembled and tested in our specialists of the manufacturing division.  For more details and to download technical sheets for all available models, call or visit us on www.atmospherseries.com.

Through our Ultra-Pure division, directed by Serge Giasson, Puribec created the Fontaine Express purified water distributors that can be found in grocery stores, supermarkets and other businesses all across Quebec.


For made-to-measure solutions, contact our specialists!