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Scientific Division

For nearly 20 years, Puribec has been building water treatment solutions for applications in hospitals, laboratories and biotechnology research centres. Today our systems can be found in many hospitals around the province, and we are proud to offer our drinking water network expertise to organizations with special needs.

Pure and ultrapure water networks (UPW, CAP, NCCLS) depend on a skilful combination of treatment, post-treatment, storage, distribution and recirculation. Every link in the chain is of equal importance and any weakness will compromise the balance of the network. We have repeatedly proven that we are the best at designing and putting together every piece of the puzzle so you won’t be left scratching your head.

Our team benefits from the knowledge and expertise of a pure water network specialist, a microbiologist, a CAD designer, a mechanical engineer and specialized technicians certified to build and install pure water networks by Georg Fischer, a highly specialized precision piping company, including infrared soldering of PVDF and ultra-high-purity polypropylene pipes.

As an example of the kind of project we do, in 2011 we were mandated to set up an ASTM E1.1 pure water treatment train for IBM and Dalsa, for the production of processors and other electronic components. This large-scale project, unique in North America, provides nearly 500 litres of water per minute, circulated at nearly 800 litres per minute. The resulting water achieves the very high level of purity required for the production of semi-conductors.

Many other applications, such as fibre optics manufacturers, laboratories and scientific research institutions (INRS, oceanography), also require our services.

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