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Network Division


Puribec has recognized experience in the field of drinking water networks, and the related
applications are extensive. School boards, campgrounds, outfitting operations, hotels, small
municipalities, remote villages, workers’ camps, mines and ferries are just a few examples of
Puribec’s clients in this field.
developed by the Ministère du Développement Durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs
(MDDEP) is a very useful tool for sizing and designing the treatment train for each type of
user. Having worked in water treatment for over 35 years, we were more than pleased to
offer our expertise to the MDDEP for the preparation of the Guide.  
From simple, effective systems with no complications for remote regions to highly developed
and entirely automated systems, Puribec can meet your needs.
We also export our know-how. Our extensive background and varied fields of expertise allow
us to offer turnkey solutions, and we know how to adapt to the laws and regulations in effect
in other provinces or countries. 
We analyze your needs in terms of the quantity and quality of water required and, based on
these data and the physico-chemical parameters of your raw water, our specialists design
the treatment train and help the engineering firms determine the information required for
certificates of authorization (CA).
Our products comply with all MDDEP technical requirements, NSF standards and RBQ
regulations (CSA B483.1).
Here are a few sample projects we have worked on:
  • Recreational tourism: Parc national du Bic, Forillon Park
  • School boards: many schools across the province trust us with their water needs
  • Roadside rest areas: Stoneham, New Madrid
  • Municipalities: St-Narcisse, Joly (complete treatment of the network and community
  • halls)
Camps and mines: Bloom Lake, Fire Lake, Wabush, Detour Lake, Detour Gold